Simple Safety Rules for Your Kitchen

Simple Safety Rules for Your Kitchen

It is not surprising to hear reports of fires or accident cases in Australian homes especially those that have no considerations towards safety. Nonetheless, this can be reduced by practicing and placing some safety rules in your kitchen area to protect your family.

The essential steps is having proper lighting. Good lighting that is focused on work surfaces such as benchtop oven will decrease any injuries during meal preparations. Your kitchen light should be glare-free without any shadows on your working area.

Consider the type of flooring material for the kitchen. Preferably, have a slip-resistant flooring material such as matte-finished wood or a soft-glazed ceramic tile floor. This prevents falls and slips especially in areas where dryers and washer dryers are kept. Also adding a rag which has a non-skid backing to it just in front of the dryer will keep the area less wet.

Your electrical switches and plugs should also be far away from water sources. Typically, electrical receptacles should be grounded and have ground-fault circuit interrupters. It would be dangerous to have the electrical switch of a freezer next to any kitchen water source.

Also, practice some safety tips such as working with dry hands when turning on electric appliances. For instance, before using your vacuum to clean out the kitchen, make sure that your hands are parched. Also, keep the floors dry at all times; you would not want to turn vacuum cleaners while standing on wet ground.

Choose gas cooktops that are safer with burners that are staggered. This prevents scalds from reaching over boiling pots. Let the controls also be along the front or on the side.

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